Covid Update 06-02-2020

We continue to receive guidance from the CDC, as well as Wisconsin and Grant County Depts. Of Public Health as we make decisions on the care and safety of our residents and staff. As per current recommendations, we completed facility-wide testing for COVID last week.  We are pleased to report that in testing approximately 120 residents and staff, we had no positive cases.  This testing only shows one “snapshot” in time, but it is still great news!  To get day to day updates please follow us on our webpage
This testing is one of the first steps in “returning to normal”.  This testing does not allow us to lift any restrictions at this time but if we remain diligent, we hope that we can continue to progress to communal activities for residents and the eventual re-opening to visitors.
The staff of Divine continues to work hard to keep all the residents safe and healthy.  The Environmental Services Dept. continues provide increased cleaning of the facility.  The Activity Dept continues to create new and engaging activities to combat the stress of quarantine.  The Dietary Dept. continues to prepare tasty and nutritious meals that are required to be served in resident rooms rather than serving a full dining room. The CNAs and Nurses are vigilant in providing cares while monitoring for any change in condition or signs of infection.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their kind, encouraging words, donated items to the facility, and provided food/snacks to the staff.  It has meant so much to us all.  Hopefully, if we continue to work hard and be vigilant, we will be able to again open our doors and see you all again soon.

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